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We have a new home.  5791 Cliffdale Rd, the old Cliffdale Cleaners building at the corner of...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be closing at noon on Wednesday, Nov 25th and will be closed on the 26th and 27th of Nove...

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Discharge Screen Printing

Screen Printing

This is a technique that we have mastered over five years of experimenting with inks, emulsions, and garments. Discharge inks, similar to water based inks, allow us to print on dark garments without using the heavy white under base that is normally needed to allow the colors the show properly.

This process only works on 100% cotton shirts and a few blended shirts. When used on the 50/50 blends (part cotton-part polyester), this technique creates a uniquely distressed look because only the cotton discharges its dyes. Once our customers spend a little extra money on discharge, they rarely go back to traditional screen printing. In addition to a soft hand, the garment retains its breathability which is most appreciated in garments used for physical training.